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David develops four skill-sets that are crucial to successful initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Visionary Thinking: seeing the future, generating options, and working backwards to plan the transition.

  • Breakthrough Thinking: converting the Vision into a Reality by seeing setbacks as wholly constructive events that help to stimulate an innovative mindset.

  • Risk Management: being fully aware of the risks, optimizing the positives, and minimizing the negatives.

  • Networking to remove Barriers: mobilizing cash and resource, and retaining an external perspective.

David’s Point of Difference is that he has worked for many years with HSBC globally. His approach to local Innovation helped local branches to operate under Sharia law in Saudi, and under Communist law in China. HSBC is the largest private foreign Bank in both countries.

This ability to adapt and innovate locally lies behind HSBC's claim to be 'the world's local bank'.

HSBC is the largest private Bank in the world, and this is in part due to the sensitivity with which they acquire other Banks, using the best of local, best of global.